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Mary mary quite contrary...

Mary mary quite contrary triptych - Digital Print

#1 Hine Purotu 594x420 Digital Print 

#2 Hine Ngakau 594x420 Digital Print 

#3 Hine Rangimarie 594x420 Digital Print

For centuries, the ‘Madonna’ has been the most visible woman in history, the subject of countless works of art depicted as both a religious and cultural figure. A source of strength, comfort and inspiration through the ages, the ‘Madonna’ also represents an ideal paradigm, one whose characteristics of chastity, modesty, humility, and obedience are seemingly unattainable for any living woman today.

Through my engagement with the iconic image of the ‘Madonna’ I acknowledge my two grandmother’s devotion to her and in turn their memory. These works address how their enduring influence and aspirations for me are reflected in my attributes today.